120 Years of Savage Boats

Savage Boats

Time does fly when you’re having fun. In case you didn’t know, one of Australia’s most well-known boat brands, Savage Boats, is now 120 years old!

With humble roots building wooden boats at the very beginning of the company’s life, Savage was soon producing world-class boats and became the best-selling brand in all of Australia. Now, it’s the oldest and one of the best aluminium boat brands in the country.

Savage Boats: A World Class Manufacturer

If you’re feeling as nostalgic as we are, let’s go back and review some of the best moments in Savage Boats’ 120-year history.

Company History

Savage Boats was founded in 1898 by John Joseph Save. He built his first boat under the name J.J. Savage and based the company around South Yarra and Hawthorn in Victoria. Since then, Savage Boats went on to manufacture a series of quality boats and moved to a new location in Williamstown.

By the late 1980s to early 1990s Savage Boats became the most popular boat brand in Australia. The company went on to build different fibreglass boat models that were proven to be long-lasting and handed-down to generations of Aussies.

114 years after its founding, Savage Boats was bought in 2008 by Telwater, a Gold Coast-based boat builder. Manufacturing of Savage Boats was moved from Williamstown to Telwater’s 8.6-hectare facility in Coomera. At this time, Savage boats became exclusively manufactured out of aluminium material.

With over 40 boat models ranging from small dinghies to large cabin boats, the iconic Savage brand has established its reputation for building durable and economical aluminium boats that will suit the needs of all types of recreational boaters in Australia.

Popular Boats and Ranges

Savage became a top-selling boat brand because of the Savage Fibreglass leisure boats, which was first released during the late ’80s. Today, Savage Fibreglass is distributed by Telwater and features two bowrider models and four-cabin models with Hard Top option.

Another popular Savage boat range is the Savage Lancer, which includes the 530 Lancer runabout (winner of the 1983 ABIA Boat of the Year Award), Lancer Traveller (a half cabin model), and the Lancer Professional (an off-shore fishing boat). They are part of the first aluminium boat range that Savage released in the early ’80s.

Savage is also known for its boats with Ultra Lift Hull. It was released in 2011 as an update to the previous hull technology, and provided Savage boats with improved stability and underway. The Ultra Lift Hull made the V sharper to fight the chops and improve the boat performance.

Some of the current Savage boat ranges include the Scorpion series for fishing, the Raptor series for exploration, and the Beach Comber line-up for family boating.

Notable achievements

Aside from Lancer 530, Savage 540 Beach Comber Sterndrive won the Cruiser Trailerable category in the 2008 Australian Marine Industries Federation Award.

Other than the awards that Savage was able to achieve throughout the years, the company was the pioneer on some boat technologies that exist today. These include:

  • The first manufacturer to start fibreglass boats mass production after WW2
  • Second to manufacture aluminium boats
  • The inventor of the double welded chines and keels on aluminium boats
  • Influenced many other boat builders

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