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Important Considerations when Getting Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Getting insurance for your boat is just as important as getting one for your car or home. It gives you the assurance that your property will be restored to working condition after an accident without shelling out a big sum of money. Boat insurance also covers any third-party liability that results from unwanted incidents. Whether you are a new boat owner or an experienced boatie, you should pay serious attention when shopping around for the best insurance deals for your vessel. You must know the important considerations when getting boat insurance. Continue reading

Why Get A Commercial Boat Loan?

fishing boat

At we offer a range of commercial boat finance options, including chattel mortgage, leasing, and hire purchase. But why would you decide to take out a commercial boat loan rather than a personal boat loan?

We look at some of the reasons why you might decide to take out commercial boat finance to buy your boat, and how it will work better for your business. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Boat Loan Calculators On Finance Websites

Boat Finance Calculator

When looking for finance for a boat, jet ski or other marine craft most people are only interested in seeing what effect the interest rate has on their loan repayments. Interest rates are not the full story. There are other important factors that are equally important:

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