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How To Find Boat Fishing Spots

Relax on your new boat

You get so used to fishing around your local area, knowing the best spots for the best time of year, that sometimes you forget how hard it was to come by those fishing spots in the first place.

That can put a bit of a dampener on things if you take your boat to a new location or off on a holiday. Continue reading

Boating Tips for Beginners

Speed boat

Whether you’re new to boating, you’re getting back into it after a long break, or you’ve been doing it for years, there’s always something new you can learn.

We’ve put together a collection of boat tips for beginners to help everyone from the novice to experienced mariners. Continue reading

Boating on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

Gaining access to a world class harbour with your own boat

With stunning blue waters, iconic landmarks, fishing spots and plenty of destinations to choose from, It’s no wonder Sydney Harbour is such a popular spot for boating.

While you can book yourself on a harbour cruise, organise a charter boat or even use AirBnb to find a houseboat for the weekend, your best access to the harbour is on your own boat. Continue reading

Perth Boat Fishing Spots

fishing boat

Find great boat fishing spots near Perth

The west coast of Australia is known for its spectacular offshore fishing, and Perth enjoys access to a good portion of these fishing waters.

Whether you’re sticking close to shore or heading miles out to sea, there’s plenty of salmon, herring, squid, buff bream, yellowtail kings, King George whiting, snapper, mackerel and even sharks so long as you know where to look. Continue reading

Spring Boat Maintenance

Spring Boating

As the weather warms up it’s clear that we are well and truly in Spring and the start of the boating season.

If you pulled your boat out for winter storage six months ago there are a few steps you should take before setting out on the water for the first time.

So pull out your tinnie, yacht, catamaran, speed boat, house boat or whatever marine vessel you getaway on, pull back the covers, dust it off and get started on the checklist below to make sure you have a great summer of boating! Continue reading

Replacing Your Boat Engine

Commercial Boat Finance Options

It’s winter and many of use aren’t getting out on the water as often as we do during the warmer months. You may have seen our previous article on getting your boat ready for winter. So now might be the time to consider replacing your boat engine, often referred to as “repowering your boat”. Continue reading

Winter Boat Maintenance

Boat in the snow

We’re lucky in Australia –  we can keep boating all year long if we really want to.

However, although it doesn’t necessarily freeze here (with a few regional and southern exceptions) many of us take winter off from boating, either because the conditions aren’t ideal or it’s just too cold and we don’t want to. Continue reading

Cool Things To Do On A Jet Ski

JetSki Stunts

You can’t deny that riding around on a Jet Ski is great fun, whether you’re a novice or a skilled rider showing off incredible acrobatic Jet Ski stunts. But zooming around at high speeds, doing jumps and sudden turns can get a bit repetitive.

Thankfully, if you have your own Jet Ski, then there are plenty of things you can do, other than recreating SeaWorld stunt shows. Continue reading