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Top 5 Fishing Boats in Australia

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The Murray Cod, the Barramundi, and the freshwater Saragota are just three of more than 2000 saltwater and fresh-water fish species in Australia. The country is literally a fishing haven for recreational fisherman! If you want to join the club of over 5 million Aussies fishing for fun, then the next step is to gear up with a fishing boat of your own. For in-land water anglers and inshore fishers, a small motorboat or even a jet ski will do. But if you want to do some serious fishing off-shore, a more powerful sports fishing boat will be a great investment.

Aren’t sure on which boat to buy? No worries. Here’s our report on the top 5 fishing boats in Australia.  Continue reading

Important Considerations when Getting Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Getting insurance for your boat is just as important as getting one for your car or home. It gives you the assurance that your property will be restored to working condition after an accident without shelling out a big sum of money. Boat insurance also covers any third-party liability that results from unwanted incidents. Whether you are a new boat owner or an experienced boatie, you should pay serious attention when shopping around for the best insurance deals for your vessel. You must know the important considerations when getting boat insurance. Continue reading

Why Get A Commercial Boat Loan?

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At we offer a range of commercial boat finance options, including chattel mortgage, leasing, and hire purchase. But why would you decide to take out a commercial boat loan rather than a personal boat loan?

We look at some of the reasons why you might decide to take out commercial boat finance to buy your boat, and how it will work better for your business. Continue reading

Buying a Boat at a Marine Auction

Boat Auction

Buying a boat from a marine auction can give you a few advantages. There is the opportunity to buy a good boat at a low, or even below market price. So long as you’ve done your research and set a cut off the price that you won’t bid past.

There’s often a wide range of boats to choose from, sometimes even former business owned boats that have been well looked after and maintained.

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Buying a Ski Boat

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What is a Ski Boat?

A ski boat is a small, recreational powerboat designed for towing water skiers, often seen pulling people along dams and lakes on a hot day.

Ski boats aren’t restricted to water sports though, with many ski boat owners also using them as rather fast fishing boats with good manoeuvrability. Continue reading

Replacing Your Boat Engine

Commercial Boat Finance Options

It’s winter and many of use aren’t getting out on the water as often as we do during the warmer months. You may have seen our previous article on getting your boat ready for winter. So now might be the time to consider replacing your boat engine, often referred to as “repowering your boat”. Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to Boat Shopping – Part 4

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Part 4: Taking the boat for a test run (try before you buy)

If the boat you’re looking at has passed your visual inspection (Part-3) you should organise to take it for a test ride.

It might look and sound great on dry land, but you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a drive first. After you’ve paid for your new boat isn’t the ideal time to realise she doesn’t actually float. Continue reading