Important Things to Know for First-Time Jet Ski Riders

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Adrenaline junkies simply love jetskiing. The fun and excitement it brings are guaranteed to make you come back for more. But like with any other outdoor sport, you need to educate yourself about the basics and safety before getting on a jet ski for the first time.

There is no doubt you can do a lot of exciting things with your Jet Ski, however, you also need to be careful especially if you don’t have enough experience in jet ski riding. Here are the important things to know before you hit the waters.

Safety is a Priority

Accidents happen even in ideal weather conditions. So, make sure to practice these standard precautions to guarantee your safety:

1. Always wear a life jacket – This is mandated by the Maritime Safety Queensland and, therefore, is a must when jet skiing.

2. Drink driving is also prohibited Driving under the influence is never a good thing even with a jet ski or other personal watercraft (PWC). Aside from causing accidents, it will also lead to the suspension of your marine license.

3. Check your surroundings – Despite the vastness of an open sea or massive lake, there’s always a chance that you could hit something. It could be a person swimming, navigation marks, or islets.

4. Learn to control your Speed– Novice jet ski riders have a higher risk of losing control of their vessel compared to seasoned jet skiers. So, take time to get the feel of your PWC and learn to control the speed.

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Jet Skis Need Regular Maintenance

Like boats and other water vessels, PWCs require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and excellent condition. As an owner of a jet ski, you are responsible to keep it well-maintained to avoid engine break-down and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Regular maintenance will also prevent fuel spills on the waters which can be damaging to marine life.

Parking is necessary

One of your responsibilities as a jet ski owner is providing parking space for your ride. You need to find a place where to store your jet ski after every trip to keep it safe and protected. If you plan to use your jet ski frequently, finding a marina would be ideal. On the other hand, you can buy a trailer to store the jet ski in your garage if you’ll only hit the waters once a week.

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Prepare for Emergencies

First-time or not, jet ski riders will benefit immensely by bringing a first aid kit, a distress flag, and marine navigation maps and charts. These will help you get out of sticky situations, should get lost or injured while jet skiing. It will also be very helpful to bring a smartphone with GPS to help discern your actual position.

For your physical protection, you should bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you. Enough water for drinking is also necessary for every trip. It’s also wise to save a soft copy of your license in your mobile gadget for emergency purposes.

Things to Avoid

Aside from drunk driving, you should also avoid jet skiing after sunset. Navigating the waters in the dark is dangerous, so make sure to go back ashore while there’s still light. Also, avoid starting your PWC when the water is still below waist-line deep because it could seriously damage the jet ski.

Another thing to avoid is overloading. Only carry the right number of persons recommended by the jet ski manufacturer to avoid any accidents. Check the user manual for your reference.

Buying the right Jet Ski

Lastly, you should also know the right type of jet ski that fits you. This is where some first-time jet ski riders fail. They tend to buy a model that’s popular or cheap even it’s unsuitable to their needs. So, make sure to consider your purpose for jet skiing, the water body where you intend to navigate, the number of persons you’ll be bringing along, and the frequency of your jet ski trips. All of these will determine the right type of jet ski that you need.

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