Perth Boat Fishing Spots

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Find great boat fishing spots near Perth

The west coast of Australia is known for its spectacular offshore fishing, and Perth enjoys access to a good portion of these fishing waters.

Whether you’re sticking close to shore or heading miles out to sea, there’s plenty of salmon, herring, squid, buff bream, yellowtail kings, King George whiting, snapper, mackerel and even sharks so long as you know where to look.

We look at some of the best spots to go for boat fishing around Perth’s local waters, what you can catch and the best bait to use at each location.

Five Fathom Bank

West of Garden Island, Five Fathom Bank can offer some great catches if you make the use of your sounder. The best way to locate a fishing spot is to concentrate on the ocean side drop off and drift until you determine where there’s activity. The fishing tends to be pretty localised here so when you find a spot where you start landing fish make sure you mark it on your GPS.

Fishing charters do come out this way but there are enough good spots that you can usually avoid them.

Types of Fish Can be Found: The main species you’re going to find here are Foxfish, Breaksea Cod, Red Snapper / Swallowtail, King George Whiting, Jewfish, Leatherjacket, Flathead, Queen Snapper, Blackfish and more.

Bait: Octopus works best out here, but you can also do well with Squid, Herring, Mullet, Prawn and Mulie.

Blackwall Reach

Often considered the best fishing spot in Perth, Blackwall Reach is close to the Swan River mouth and enjoys a shot at all the typical river fish, as well as some of the big saltwater varieties. While you can fish from the wall, your best bet is to get out on the water just before sunrise and drop your line in about 10 metres from the wall where there’s a big drop off.

Types of Fish: You’ll get some big Flathead, Giant Herring, Black Bream, Tarwhine, Snapper, Bull Sharks and even Dhulfish up to 20kg.

Bait: This can change so pay attention to the fishing report for what’s biting or talk to the locals in the fishing shops for what works best.

North Mole, Fremantle

Not just a popular diving spot, North Mole is frequented by a variety of fish. Your best bet is to chase the tides as they move south to south-west, often as the sun goes down as many of the catches here are more of late afternoon or evening fish.

Types of Fish: You’ll often hook King George Whiting, Herring, Skippy, and sometimes even Salmon, Bonito, Sambos, Sharks and Squid.

Rottnest Island

If you’re after spectacular views and some good sports fish, you should head out to Rottnest Island. Take the time and you can pretty much guarantee a catch at any of its beaches. Either drop your line in from the boat or drop anchor and head into fish from the rocks.

Type of Fish: There’s a wide array of Whiting, Herring, big Tailor, Samsonfish and even rays.

There are plenty of boat fishing charters based in Perth that will take you to these spots, but nothing beats the freedom of being able to head out on your own boat, to where you want to go and when.

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