Spring Boat Maintenance

Spring Boating

As the weather warms up it’s clear that we are well and truly in Spring and the start of the boating season.

If you pulled your boat out for winter storage six months ago there are a few steps you should take before setting out on the water for the first time.

So pull out your tinnie, yacht, catamaran, speed boat, house boat or whatever marine vessel you getaway on, pull back the covers, dust it off and get started on the checklist below to make sure you have a great summer of boating!

Spring Boat Start-up Checklist


While you give your boat a good clean check the hull thoroughly for blisters, cracks or distortions and ensure the drain plug is securely in place.


Have a good look to ensure there are no dings, pitting, cracks or distortion and check it is secured properly. This is also a good time to replace the ring bearings if necessary.

Fuel System

Check all hoses, tank surfaces and connections for signs of damage or leaks, replacing any components where necessary. Make sure all fittings and clamps are properly secured and that the engine, exhaust and ventilation systems are all functioning.

Belts, Cables & Hoses

Check the outer jackets of control cables for cracks or swells which may indicate a problem. Check all belts and hoses for cracks or areas that have become brittle. Make sure all belts are fitting tightly and have not become worn or stretched.

Fluid Levels

Check the engine oil level, as well as coolant, power steering and power trim reservoirs. If you didn’t do so when winterising your boat, now is the time to change the rive lubricants and do an oil change.

Safety Gear

Go over all your life jackets to ensure they are in good condition and you have enough for as many passengers as you intend to carry.

Check all fire extinguishers are fully charged, properly stowed, the correct class for your vessel and are in date (fire extinguishers in Australia must be checked every six months by a trained and authorised inspector). Check your first aid kit is fully stocked and all expired medical products have been replaced.

Once you’ve done all this you’ll be ready to get back out on the water.

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