Top 5 Fishing Boats in Australia

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The Murray Cod, the Barramundi, and the freshwater Saragota are just three of more than 2000 saltwater and fresh-water fish species in Australia. The country is literally a fishing haven for recreational fisherman! If you want to join the club of over 5 million Aussies fishing for fun, then the next step is to gear up with a fishing boat of your own. For in-land water anglers and inshore fishers, a small motorboat or even a jet ski will do. But if you want to do some serious fishing off-shore, a more powerful sports fishing boat will be a great investment.

Aren’t sure on which boat to buy? No worries. Here’s our report on the top 5 fishing boats in Australia. 

1. Quintrex Yellowfin 5800

Quintrex Yellowfin

Let’s start with a budget offshore fishing boat that’s ideal for newbies. The Quintrex Yellowfin 5800 is the best vessel you can get among the low-priced sports fishing boats and also the smallest one in its range at less than six metres. But don’t let the price and size give you the wrong idea about its capabilities — the 5800 is built to deliver the ultimate offshore performance.

It has a “Marine Core” construction that features welded 5mm horizontal ribs and 6mm vertical stringers as subframe rib structure. The Yellowfin 5800 also boasts a 5mm plate bottom sheets, 4mm side sheets, and 5mm transom material. Speaking of transom, the stern of the boat is designed to carry a larger outboard motor, which is a 256-kg Evinrude Etec engine.

The Quintrex Yellowfin 5800 is equipped with 16 rod holders, a self-draining tread plate floor, a 110-litre kill tank, and live bait tank with viewing window. All of these, plus a maximum power of 150 hp and a 136-litre underfloor fuel tank, makes the 5800 is a great companion wherever you go for sports fishing.

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2. Bar Crusher 615HT

bar crusher 615 hard top fishing boat

To be on the list of top 5 fishing boats in Australia, the vessel should be able to withstand the harshest elements out in the waters. Bar Crusher 615HT does that precisely, and more.

615HT is made out of heavy-duty, marine-grade plate aluminium with high-tensile strength, which forms the 4mm bottom and side sheets. This sports fishing boat also has a Rigideck sub-floor system that maximises hull strength, a reinforced safety glass windscreen, and a hard-top for all-weather functionality. All of which are designed to give you the utmost safety and comfort whether you are fishing inshore or offshore.

Another awesome feature of the 615HT is Bar Crusher’s Gen2™ hull that includes new boat techs like the Waveslicer® Deep V Hull for smooth rides, Quickflow water ballast for maximum stability, and Delta Flare™ for greater hydrodynamic lift. The Bar Crusher 615HT is powered by a 150-hp outboard with 140-litre fuel capacity, plus a 6.15m LOA and 2.25m measurements.

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3. Northbank 600 Cuddy Cabin

Northbank 600C Cuddy Cabin

The Northbank 600 Cuddy Cabin is designed to bring all-out stability at rest to help anglers deal with wavy offshore fishing. How do you do this to a 6.0-metre sports boat? Well, Northbank used a seven bearer system on this fishing boat’s hull to add more weight and strength. This is in contrast with most boats that use a three or five bearer system. Joined with broad reverse chines, the 600C’s stability is the best among sports fishing boats.

According to Northbank, the 600C was formed using CAD/CAM technology by Naval architects, which makes it strong and responsive even when you are fishing far off-shore or crossing risky ocean bars. Whether you are a new sports fisher or a seasoned angler, this fishing boat will give you full confidence .

Fishers can choose to equip the Northbank 600 Cuddy Cabin with either a single or twin outboards, on a diesel or petrol sterndrives. The twin outboards combine to produce a maximum 200hp. The 600C is also filled with standard features that make it an excellent purchase for its value.

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4. Cruise Craft 595 Hard Top

Cruise Craft 595 Hard Top Fishing Boat

Our top 5 list would not be complete without a boat with a hard top design. Cruise Craft’s third Hard Top model, the 595HT, is your best choice for fishing non-stop regardless of the weather. This boat will keep you protected while on the waters during a hot summer day or under the rain.

Cruise Craft 595HT has a fibreglass construction that is manufactured through the split mould technique. This means two or more pieces make up the entire mould, which makes it easier and more effective to cast the boat design.

This sports fishing boat also features a full height reinforced glass windscreen with sliding glass side windows, a walk-through transom door, electric trim tabs attached to the transom, and an optional sliding cabin door. The Cruise Craft 595HT runs with a 200 hp (max) engine and 190-litre fuel tank.

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5. Surtees 610 Game Fisher

Surtees 610 Game Fisher

If you are looking for a fishing boat with water ballast technology, an engineered subfloor system and non-pounding deep-V hull, then Surtees has the right boat for you. It’s called the 610 Game Fisher, an all-rounder fishing boat that can also easily cut through chops and provide boat stability at rest. All of these abilities are created through the Surtees IQ.

Surtees IQ or SiQ is the intelligence behind the continuous innovations produced by Surtees to create a range of fishing boat models that are safe, have top performance and are technologically-advanced.

The 610 Game Fisher is available in hard top or with fold-down roof. It has a large cockpit and deck space to accommodate the gears and catches of serious anglers looking to maximise their fishing experience. What else? This sports fishing boat also has a 200-litre fuel tank, the largest among its peers. Almost everything that you want on your fishing boat is on Surtees 610 Game Fisher.

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The excellent Australian fishing conditions plus any of these top 5 fishing vessels is the perfect recipe for an awesome fishing experience. Now that you have a good idea which vessel to buy, all that’s left is boat finance from a credible loan provider. In this regard, there’s no need to check any list because BoatLoans is all you need. Call us or apply online and get pre-approved on your next fishing boat today.

Images courtesy Unsplash & manufacturer websites