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Houseboat Loans Australia

Houseboat loans in Australia

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How to Finance a Houseboat

For many people, purchasing a houseboat and living life upon the seven seas feels like nothing more than a fantasy, but it doesn't have to be.

Regardless of whether you intend on using your houseboat as your primary residence, a houseboat is not treated as a mortgage.

Despite the name, a houseboat is considered a recreational vehicle because it can propel itself. This means that you will need a personal loan, which can be extremely difficult to get through a national bank.

With, we specialise in marine loans, so applying for a houseboat loan is as easy as applying for a regular old boat loan AND we'll beat the banks.

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Living on the Water

Living in a houseboat is a lifestyle that you fall in love with. The ocean becomes your backyard and you can set sail if you feel like changing your scenery.

Another great part of living on the water is having the opportunity to take a more sustainable approach and decrease your carbon footprint.

Some other advantages include:

  • Go fishing anytime.
  • Awesome scenery.
  • Holiday living all year round.
  • No yard to take care of.
  • The houseboat will be an upgrade.
  • No property tax to pay.
  • More affordable than a house.
  • Read more advantages of owning a houseboat.

Get help from an experienced Boat Finance Company

Ask our consultants about a fully protected boat loan. We also offer boat insurance products to cover the boat, in the event of accidental or mechanical problems, as well as cover for loan repayments if you experience financial problems due to Sickness, Accident or Unemployment.

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