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Marine Auction Sales

Do your homework before buying at a marine action.

It's often a good idea to obtain a pre-approval on your boat loan before attending an Auction so you can be confident knowing how much you can spend.

You can normally have the deposit 10% covered. This typically is to be paid straight away with the balance payable within 24 hours.

Arrange your marine finance through and we will contact the Marine Auction house for you and arrange payment directly to them making it hassle-free for you.

Important things to note: 

Things you need to be aware of when obtaining your boat at a marine auction:

  • Seaworthiness and registration are not guaranteed.
  • Boat and Marine craft are sold as it is in condition.
  • There are no warranties

A little homework can save you a lot of problems.

Helpful Article for Marine Auction: Buying a Boat at a Marine Auction

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