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Marine Extended Warranties

Marine Warranties or Mechanical Breakdown Cover

Mechanical Breakdown Cover, also known as Extended Warranty, safeguards you in the event of faults or breakdowns. It covers considerable amounts towards repairs to major mechanical hydraulic and electrical motor items on your craft giving you a little more security and peace of mind.

We at Boat Loans encourage you to protect yourself against these unfortunate surprises when buying new or used boats. These products give you similar protection to what you get when buying through a Dealership or Marine Auction and considerably more protection when purchasing by Private Sale

  • Allows you to choose the boat you want, regardless of the warranty on offer.
  • Your warranty may be included in your loan.
  • Easy payment arrangements.
  • Some of these products can even be transferred if you sell your boat.

These warranty plans can often cover the cost of repairs, parts and labour with generous limits apart from normal wear and tear items such as light bulbs, perishables, impact and other general maintenance. Essentially the warranty will cover the bulk of those unexpected mechanical and electrical failures.

New Boats

A new boat/motor purchase normally comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. We can arrange cover for up to an additional 3 more years from the end of your manufacturer’s warranty.

Used Boats

Your used boat may look and drive great at first, but you have no idea how the previous owners have treated it. Your boat could have been mistreated, at some point, or simply never serviced. We at Boat Loans strongly recommend you take out a mechanical warranty for any used boat purchase, even if it is sourced from a reputable dealer. If it already comes with a warranty, we can organise to extend your coverage for up to 3 years beyond the end of the dealer warranty.

For more information call 1300 880 954 and ask to talk to our insurance specialist.

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